We aim to ensure that our fees are always competitive, and they include all food, drinks, and snacks, as well as nappies, so that all you have to do is bring in your child (plus a change of clothes)! Payments and accounts are kept as simple as possible, with rates for half days, whole days, and whole weeks. Fees are paid on or around 7th of the month by debit/credit card, bank transfer, tax free childcare or childcare vouchers. There is a one off registration fee of £50. However, for new customers joining companies at the Discovery Park this fee is waivered.

We do offer Free for 2, 3-4 Year Old Funding. Please click here for more information.

Healthy Eating

We are very proud of the food and drinks we provide, being very conscious of the importance of nutrition and good food for growing children. Menus are carefully planned, with plenty of fresh local veg and fruit and locally sourced free range meat. We encourage children to try different foods, including those from different cultures such as Italian, Mexican and Indian. Many common items, such as baked beans, spaghetti with tomato sauce, pesto, etc., are freshly made on our premises. We make sure to use lots of carbohydrates, including root vegetables for long-lasting energy. Protein-rich foods such as cheese, white and oily fish, grains, nuts and pulses feature strongly, so that we don’t rely solely on meat as a source of protein. To limit the amount of saturated fats we use lean meats, and vegetable oils for cooking, but with plenty of milk and cheese because of the calcium, protein and vitamins they contain. We recognise that children under four have very small stomachs, so we provide snacks and meals throughout the day to ensure that their energy levels do not flag. Even older children need regular intakes of food for energy as well as growth.

To see our weekly menus, click here.