Here is some of the very positive feedback we received from parents in our Customer Survey Report in August 2018. We always welcome any feedback from parents as we are constantly trying to improve and offer the best service possible. If you would like to read our full survey report, please Click Here.

If you have any tips or suggestions then please visit our Contact Us page and leave a message - we would love to hear from you!

About our staff:

  • I find all staff members to be very caring and excellent at what they do. I have every confidence in them, which is reassuring me.

  • Staff are your biggest asset! They care about your children and it shows! They are always happy and even when I have called in when a child in the nursery is having a difficult moment...they are always caring in their approach, speaking respectfully to the child, while still keeping control of the situation - this is so hard to do with 2 children at home let alone a higher number.

  • Every single member of staff greets you and baby in the morning when they see you no matter what their job/position. It's such a friendly place, lovely!

About Children's Progress and Development:

  • The monthly reports and photos are great, and the regular parents' evenings help to build a connection with my child's progress. In addition, daily conversations help support this.

  • I have found having my child at St Bart's has helped me at home target my son's learning. I am also able to give feedback to them, this two way communication has really made a difference. I love the learning journey and look forward to receiving it every month. 

  • I feel the feedback given to me by your staff is great and the daily updates at the end of each day are really good for finding out what my little one has been up to throughout the day. 

  • We are always kept informed of our child's progress and regularly invited to add our own observations and comments.


  • I think the activities are great. He is exposed to a different range of activities than he is at home, which I think is valuable.

  • He is normally sad when I drop him off but often doesn't want to leave when I come to pick him up because he has had such a good time.

  • Really impressed that they take the children out of their usual environment to experience things like feeding the ducks, going to the local field or shops etc.

  • He comes home covered in mud and dirt and we know he has had a good day!

  • Love the little outings and having teachers come in (music, ballet etc).

What has pleased you most about St. Bart's?:

  • The family feel and enthusiasm for creative learning! B has loved his time here and I never worried about him having a great day.

  • Friendly staff, children being able to go into the garden whenever they need to, my children have both been very happy there, we felt our children were safe, everyone knows them and we all feel welcome. 

  • The friendly staff welcoming you every morning, how confident they were about her being able to nap there (never slept in a cot previously) and she slept the first day!, the wide variety of food and activities, being supportive of using the cloth nappies.

  • The amount of support that H has and the attention he receives. H has come on leaps and bounds and has built a fantastic friendship group and support network where he wants to come to each and every day.

  • The level of care and support tailored to each individual's needs. I always know my girls will be looked after to the highest standards.

  • The care and attention of staff and the wonderful setting with lots of garden space. 

  • The learning facilities for children and open variety of opportunities for play to be a form of education for children (for example planting seeds etc).

Other Comments:

  • I love sending A to St Bart's and she loves going there. Thank you to all the staff there for making her early years such fun.  Keep up the good work!

  • St Bart's has been a rock for me and my family. They have gone above and beyond and been helpful and supportive.

  • Overall I couldn't be happier with St Bart's. It's such a nerve wracking thing to return to work and leave your child in a strange location but all the staff at St Bart's have really made this so much easier. I know my little boy is well looked after and loved by the staff which makes it all so much easier. Thank  you.