Here is some of the very positive feedback we received from parents in our Customer Survey Report this February. We always welcome any feedback from parents as we are constantly trying to improve and offer the best service possible. If you would like to read our full survey report, please Click Here.

If you have any tips or suggestions then please visit our Contact Us page and leave a message - we would love to hear from you!

About our staff:

  • The staff are the nursery's greatest asset and are always trying to do their best for the children.

  • The staff at (The Nursery) are an absolute credit to SBN. Every staff member has demonstrated a genuine care for my son and have been instrumental in his development. I feel the children are truly nurtured in this setting and are thoroughly encouraged to not only enhance their strengths but to also address their weaknesses. I must give particular thanks to X, Y and Z (named staff) who have helped (my son) every step of the way.

  • The staff are always friendly, accommodating and brilliant with my daughter. I feel safe that they will look after her well and give her really good food from a great menu and that they are keeping her entertained and teaching her different things. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

About Children's Progress and Development:

  • I have seen (my son) progress extensively since attending the setting and I have always been kept up to date. The (Nursery) have been very welcoming to me and we have arranged a number of little events together to help the children learn a little more about animals.

  • I love the progress record and learning journey books as it enables me as a parent to find out what my daughter is up to and what she is learning. 

  • Learning journeys by e-mail is an excellent way of regularly communicating your child's progress. The e-mail should also be a reminder for parents to contribute because I often forget about this.

  • The learning journeys have been very valuable to us, I have been able to share the information with other health care professionals involved with my son which has helped them enormously.

  •  I enjoy reading the observations and the photos are lovely but very small - access to full size photos would be appreciated.


  • Always seems to be a wide range of activities planned. (My daughter) particularly enjoyed the book based themes.

  • Great garden to allow the kids to play and be creative, the rooms are always changing according to the theme, outside trip to town or sport day have been great for the kids’ development.

  • Great activities indoors and outdoors, great diversity of craft activity, and also reading sessions even late in the day when we come to pick up our daughter.

  • I love that (my son) is encouraged to play outside whatever the weather.  The messy play is also excellent.  We generally think that him coming home in his change of clothes is a sign of a good day at nursery.  

What has pleased you most about St. Bart's?:

  • Different meals. Always doing arts and crafts! The garden very large and all different activities out there. All of the activities throughout.

  • Most certainly the level of learning the children undertake combined with plenty of fun and fresh air. It was important to me that the children learn respect and manners and I was very pleased to see this routinely at (the nursery). I have to say the staff are all lovely and do everything they can to support the children as well as encourage independence. I have never had any concerns leaving (my son) at the nursery as I know he'll be looked after, loved and cared for - perfect!

  • Flexibility.  Genuine care of the children.  I think it's testimony to how the setting is managed that such a large amount of children can play in harmony.  Always evident to see the children are interacting well with each other.  Really like some of the themes/topics that the kids have.

  • They provide an excellent provision for working parents. Collection from school clubs, SDD, follow up if child feeling unwell at school to let you know their status at OSC.

Other Comments:

  • Keep doing what you are doing.  I have not heard of any other local childcare setting that offers anything like the care that you do.  Also the price is affordable, making this brilliant start in schooling available to all regardless of background. 

  • Long may you be in the top 5% - well deserved, through lots of hard work.

  • We have already recommended the nursery to friends a few years ago as we were and we still are very pleased with the service provided. High standard and great quality of nursery care and especially the Early Years Foundation.