Two year olds – we currently offer places under the ‘Free for Twos’ scheme run by Kent County Council. This provides for 15 hours free care and education per week during term time for 2 year olds. It is, however, means tested. For more information you can phone Kent CFIS on Freephone 08000 323230.

3/4 year olds – we offer 15 hours free education and care over a minimum of 2 days per week during term time. This is available for all children and is not means tested.

Childcare vouchers – these can save many parents with children aged up to 15 over £100 per year on childcare. Vouchers are only available via employers, but many companies, both large and small, offer them. From April 2013 the limits are:

Basic (20%) taxpayer - £55/week vouchers – maximum annual gain £930;

Higher (40%) taxpayer - £28/week vouchers – maximum annual gain £630;

Top (45%) taxpayer - £25/week voucher – maximum annual gain £590.

Each parent can therefore claim a maximum of £243 per calendar month. St Bart’s accepts vouchers from all commercial providers and private company provisions.

Read more about funding here.